The Cassidy-Graham proposal to repeal Obamacare is as egregious as the other plans proposed by the House and Senate. In essence, it would end federal subsidies for insurance and kill the expansion of Medicaid. Instead, it would offer states a lump sum to spend at their discretion. That ‘block grant’ could be used to fund priorities other than healthcare, leaving millions vulnerable to having no insurance coverage. The mandate to purchase health insurance or pay a fine would also be eliminated, making it likely that healthier younger people would not purchase insurance. The purchase of insurance by healthy people helps to sustain the market for those that are sick.

According to Sarah Kliff of Vox,

The plan hasn’t been scored by the Congressional Budget Office yet — again, suggesting it will not move quickly — but analysts who have studied Cassidy-Graham estimate it would cut deeply into federal funding for the health law programs, likely resulting in millions losing coverage.

Cassidy-Graham would arguably be more disruptive, not less, to the current health care system. It would let money currently spent on health insurance go toward other programs, providing no guarantee that the Affordable Care Act programs individuals rely on today would continue into the future.

Once again the Republicans have come up with a plan that would make it difficult for the working and middle-class Americans to have affordable health care coverage. And while insurance companies won’t be able to turn down those with pre-existing conditions there is no control on what they can be charged. This plan is no better and may actually be worse than any previously proposed.

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