President Trump is full of surprises. He is not known for sticking to a script and is reliably unpredictable. For once the Democrats benefitted from his lack of focus when he shocked everyone by backing their proposal to extend the debt ceiling limit by three months and funding aid to Harvey without any other conditions.

The Republicans were stunned. According to BuzzFeed News,

Hours before the White House meeting, Ryan called a three-month extension of the debt ceiling a “ridiculous” and “unworkable” idea. But McConnell told reporters Wednesday afternoon that he would support the deal, even as other Republicans have expressed deep frustrations with an agreement that would take away a lot of their leverage this fall.

‘It’s completely ridiculous. It’s like they’re trying to lose,’ a senior Senate GOP aide said of the deal.

Asked about the agreement Sen. Orrin Hatch said: ‘Let’s just say I’m not supremely happy right now.’

The rationale for going against not only the leaders of the House and Senate but his own Treasury Secretary was purported to be his desire to ‘clear the decks’ for tax reform. That rationale seems to have been created after Trump’s actions and not before. The cleanup crew had to once again find a way to spin what can only be described as a huge embarrassment for the Republicans.

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