Non-profits take up the challenge of reaching out communities in person to encourage them to enroll in health care coverage. It is a vulnerable population that often times doesn’t have access to the internet or doesn’t speak English. In previous years organizations would have already received the funding necessary to hire the staff to execute their planned out reach.

Last year 63 million dollars was spent on community outreach. So far this year they have yet to be funded. According to Sarah Kliff at Vox,

The government had previously announced it would cut the budget for Obamacare’s navigator program by 41 percent. But right now, the program has no funding at all. Last year’s grants ran out on September 1, and the administration still has not awarded next year’s money.

The sudden funding halt comes at a critical time for the Affordable Care Act. Navigator groups were just beginning to ramp up outreach for the health law’s open enrollment period, which begins November 1. Now, some have done an about-face: They’ve canceled outreach work and appointments with potential enrollees because they have no budget to cover those costs.

This is a not so subtle move to lower the numbers of people signing up for Obamacare and is a direct attempt by the administration to sabotage the program.

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