The list of Democrats who are deciding to sponsor Senator Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All bill is growing. California’s Senator Kamala Harris was the first one to come out and sponsor the bill. Next, came Senator Elizabeth Warren. Now, Senators Cory Booker, Jeff Merkley, Kirsten Gillibrand and Sheldon Whitehouse have all added their names to this pivotal legislation.

Single-payer health care has long been the war-cry of progressives who have asserted that each and every American has a right to health care regardless of her/his station in life.

It would revolutionize not only our health care system but our entire culture around work.

Staying at a job or taking a job just to have health care would no longer be necessary. Entrepreneurship would flourish and employers would have to start addressing issues of pay and flexible scheduling in order to entice people to work for them. Health coverage, even when minimal, would no longer be a carrot employers would get to dangle.

Many suggest that it is too cumbersome and too expensive to make single-payer health care a reality. But many insist that this is just limited thinking, and there are many successful models around the globe from which we can learn.

Republicans certainly won’t buy in to any such program because they currently favor big business and corporations over the well being of the average American. But Democrats may be in the best position to ride the wave of inevitability, for just as industrialization meant the end of certain industries, our broken health care system will soon have to make way for a new program that must serve a 21st century economy.

It is time to put people first and make America healthy again.

– Staff



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