The Republicans have once again resurrected their attempt to repeal Obamacare. They have produced yet another plan that takes aim at Medicaid and pre-existing conditions by trying to fob the responsibility of administering healthcare funds to the states. States would get block grants to do with what they wish. It doesn’t mean however that the money has to be spent on healthcare…

Though it has yet to be scored by the Congressional Budget Office, it is at least as bad as the rest of the plans, if not worse, because it allows for new ways to restrict a woman’s access to abortion and to health care at Planned Parenthood. An estimated 13 million women could loose access to maternal care.

According to Vox:

Many states already have restrictions on insurance coverage for abortion. But Cassidy-Graham would require all states to ban abortion coverage in any program that gets federal block grant money. So if a state used federal money to shore up its Medicaid program, it would have to stop allowing state Medicaid coverage for abortions. (While federal Medicaid coverage for abortion is already banned, states can currently use their Medicaid funds to cover the procedure, and many do.) If it took money to offer subsidies for individual coverage or otherwise bolster the individual market, then it would have to restrict abortion coverage on that market. If it used federal funds to offer subsidies to employers, the ban on abortion coverage would affect the employer market too.

Essentially, the federal government would have the states over a barrel — if they wanted money to help keep their residents covered, they’d have to sacrifice abortion coverage to get it.


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