Do you think that President Trump knows that 3.5 million American citizens live in Puerto Rico? Do you think he cares? After all, many are people of color, and we are now very clear that anyone with pigment in their skin is not worthy of his attention unless it is for him to call them out for their “un-American” behavior.

Hurricane Maria has caused massive destruction of the island. They are without power and are expected to be so for at least a month. Officials have said that at least 13 people have died and the conditions are worsening as the Guajataca Damdam threatens to break.  Food and medical supplies are desperately needed and a coordinated and swift response must happen before it becomes a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions.

Rather than provide the necessary leadership that is expected during these times Donald Trump took to Twitter to call Black athletes “sons of bitches.” His focus and that of the nation quickly turned to his racist diatribe rather than to the needs of those Americans who are fighting for their survival.

Trump is a disgrace.

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