Judge Roy Moore is the Republican candidate for Senate to replace Jeff Sessions who left the Senate to become the Attorney General of the United States.  He did not have the support of the President or of the Republican establishment in the run-off but he beat his opponent Luther Strange handily. He is a far-far right candidate that believes homosexuality should be illegal and has been thrown off the bench twice.   The turnout for the election was a mere 14%.

His Democratic challenger in the special election is Doug Jones.  Jones is a former U.S. Attorney who prosecuted and won a case against Ku Klux Klan members for bombing a church in 1963 a killing four little Black girls.

Polls show a tight race in a very red state.  Democrats are nervous about bringing in high profile Democrats as Donald Trump as a very high rating in the state.  Their current strategy is to focus on Jones himself, his track record and his character and hopefully raise the money need to outspend Moore.

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