Secretary of State Tillerson gave a live briefing this morning in which he disputed accounts that he had ever considered leaving his post.

It is being reported that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called President Donald Trump a moron. Additionally, several outlets are reporting that he had to be convinced to stay on in his post by both Chief of Staff John Kelly and Vice President Mike Pence. This occurred over the summer, around the time that Trump gave his infamous speech to the Boy Scouts.

Tillerson and Trump have disagreed over several issues including the Paris Climate Accord as well as how to best handle North Korea.

According to the Huffington Post, most recently:

Trump elevated tensions again over the weekend, tweeting that Tillerson shouldn’t waste his time seeking a diplomatic solution with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un ― who the president calls “Little Rocket Man.”  Advisers described Trump as “furious” at Tillerson for going against the president’s stance in favor of military action.

Tillerson is expected to speak momentarily to the press.

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