Five young white teenage girls from Weber High School in Ogden, Utah thought it was funny to record a video with them saying f**k Ni**ers.  And gee, three of them are All American cheerleaders.   In case you haven’t seen it, here is the disgusting racist video that these fine young white American teenage girls would be fun to record.



The video was posted by a young Black football player at the school.  The teens in question attend the high school and according to the Huffington Post, the video was made a year ago and off school property.

There has been no decision as to what if any punishment that these students will receive. However one of the mothers of one of the student took to Twitter to issue the following “warning” to the young man who tweeted out the video:


The woman in question Julie Malan mostly posts religious quotes from LDS Quotes:




Once again the irony of those that preach love but teach their children to hate raises its ugly head.  And in this case when caught seems to have threatened the young man who outed her daughter and her friends. It’s possible I guess that what she meant was that she was going to be in touch with him to make sure that her daughter apologized to him and every other Black person that attended the school. It’s possible that she was going to be in touch with him to suggest that her daughter was going to let him know that she was going to pledge to work in the Black community for the next six months.

It’s even possible that she was going to call him herself to apologize for the awful job she did in raising her child.

But more than likely it was a threat. You see white people think that they can do and say anything no matter how ugly, no matter how awful and be forgiven. That’s why Trump is President.

-Jan Harrison




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