Samatha Bee interviews Rep. Dan Flynn (R-Texas) whose cluelessness about abortion did not stop him from co-authoring a law that, if it stands, will basically end up closing all the remaining abortion clinics in the state of Texas. These laws, which are being passed in state after state, are being written with the help of an anti-abortion group that has compiled a great, big notebook that state legislators can consult to draft their own trap laws requiring absurd renovations to abortion clinics under the guise of making the clinics safer for women. Most abortion procedures are non-invasive and require no surgery at all. As for making it safer for women, nothing could be further from the truth, as Samantha Bee points out. Closing clinics and denying women access to appropriate and necessary healthcare does not make it safer for women. It just makes it harder, if not impossible, to access proper healthcare.




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