If there were any doubt as to the Russian influence on this election then Trump’s choice of Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson should end it.  Tillerson has close ties to Russia and was awarded the Order of Friendship by Putin. He has had extensive business relationships with Russia over the forty years that he has worked at Exxon where he is now its CEO.

The brazenness of this choice, given the interference of Russia in the election on the behalf of Trump, is staggering.

It is an example of Trump’s belief that he can and will do anything he wants. Clearly, Russia will play a major role in any decisions that are made in Trump’s administration.  Given the Republican’s kowtowing to Trump, I don’t expect any real fight on any of his nominations. They have accepted the appointment of Steve Bannon, a white supremacist, as Trump’s Chief Strategist to the White House, so I expect a few voices may object, but not many. Being the party in power has shown to be far more important to Republicans than being a patriot.

-Jan Harrison

This is now Russia’s America.

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