According to a new study, non-white and young voters faced numerous hurdles when trying to vote and in key states, including Ohio, Florida and Wisconsin, were forced to fill out provisional ballots in unusually large numbers. The research,  funded by Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, found that efforts to erect obstacles to voting had a “disproportionate impact on non-white and younger voters,” reports Celeste Katz.

“Nearly one in four millennials polled had to vote with provisional ballots — usually as a result of a question about eligibility — compared to just 6% of Baby Boomers.”

The “problem” with provisional ballots is that election officials decide whether or not to count a provisional ballot by verifying the voter’s eligibility. As you might suspect, some election officials could throw out or “suppress votes,” and without supervision or explanation, no one would be the wiser.

“This was the first presidential election cycle where changes to the Voting Rights Act were in effect, drawing heavy scrutiny before the Nov. 8 election, says Katz.

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