Donald Trump presumes he’s a tastemaker. The truth is, the companies he favors are the ones he’s done business with. It’s nepotism in its worst form.

Max Ehrenfreund and Jim Tankersley write about what they call a long love affair between Donald Trump and General Motors, which began back in the 80’s, when GM created a Cadillac limo called The Trump Series.

Despite claims from both sides that President Trump’s decisions won’t be affected by their previous business association, Trump has already shown bias on the campaign trail, when he unfairly criticized GM’s competitor, the Ford Motor Company. He then falsely claimed on national TV that Ford was downsizing.

“Ford is leaving, you see that,” Trump said. “Their small car division — thousands of jobs, leaving Michigan, leaving Ohio.”

It’s a well-known fact that Trump’s relationship with GM has been long and lucrative, writes Ehrenfreund and Tankersley. While GM claims that there will be no favoritism, this statement is up for speculation.

The problem is presidential leanings can cause rifts in the economy. The punchline here is GM has only produced three of the “Trump” limousines. It seems one hand washes another, however. Trump has already shown with his cabinet choices that his business history will influence his presidency. America is, no doubt, in for a ride, and an expensive one at that. – Ellison Walcott



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