Twenty-nine-year-old Noura Al-Jizawi was a prominent activist against the Assad regime in Syria before being “kidnapped” while on a bus five years ago. She was then sent to prison without charges and spent several months in jail where she was routinely tortured, reports Melissa Petro.

“She was beaten and shocked with electrical rods,” writes Petro, and “forced to listen to the sounds of those around her being tortured. Prison guards regularly threatened to harm her family if she didn’t turn in her activist friends.”

After her release in 2012, Al-Jizawi along with other survivors began working to improve the situation inside Syria for its citizens, particularly women.

By giving survivors support and advocacy, Al-Jizawi told Preto, she hopes “to raise women’s voices and help Syrian women to construct an image of themselves.”

Al-Jizawi now is working full-time for Start Point, a nonprofit organization she founded, based in Istanbul, which helps Syrian women who’ve been raped, detained or kidnapped reintegrate into their communities.

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