Ivanka Trump has built a profitable brand based loosely on a “feminist” vision of the “working woman,” says Sirin Kale, but her father’s threatened trade war with China and pledge on Inauguration Day to rebuild the nation using “American hands and American labor” doesn’t jive with the manufacturing practices of his own daughter’s $100-million fashion label—all of its clothing and accessories are made abroad in Asia.

According to one Racked investigation, Ivanka Trump-branded footwear has actually been manufactured in China’s industrial heartland, the Pearl River Delta, notes Kale.

In fact, workers at Xuankai Footwear Ltd., which has produced over 130,000 pounds of Ivanka shoes to date, complain of systematic malpractice, including underpayment for overtime hours and withholding of wages.

“A spokesperson told AFP that one Chinese worker’s salary could pay for five workers in the African capital city,” Kale said.

Entry-level workers at the factory earn about 3,000 yuan ($436) a month, with no sign of improvement. Ivanka footwear may, in fact, be moving to Ethiopia, according to AFP, where wages are even lower.

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