“Love Letters to Paul Ryan” is one of the latest online groups focused on social activism. Co-founded by Katrina Majkut and Wendy Allen, “It builds on previous movements and campaigns seeking to turn the love letter into a political gesture,” writes Anni Irish.

“We wanted to keep the momentum of the Women’s March going,” Majkut told Rewire. “There were a lot of questions surrounding the message or point of the march and we wanted to help answer them.”

House Speaker Ryan has repeatedly shown his support for cutting Planned Parenthood and other critical reproductive health-care providers from government programs, but, as Allen acknowledges, Ryan isn’t alone. “While ‘Love Letters to Paul Ryan’ is a catchy title, we want to encourage participants to write to their own local, state, and federal legislators as well as Mr. Ryan,” Allen told Irish. “It’s so important to make your voice heard, and, well, Valentines are more memorable than a letter on boring, white office paper, don’t you think?”

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