In a new study in The Lancet, researchers are now predicting that average life expectancy will go beyond 90 years for South Korean women by 2030. Korean men will also see big gains.

“South Korea is set to become the world leader in life expectancy by the end of the next decade. And the United States? Well, it’s poised to lag behind other wealthy countries when it comes to progress in longevity,” say Belluz and Frostenson.

The elderly in other wealthy countries around the world will also get closer to the hundred-year mark, reports Vox, but these improvements won’t be shared by other wealthy countries, most notably America whose average life expectancy is expected to rise by just two years for women and men.

South Korea and many other developed countries have succeeded in providing their citizens with equitable health care while the US continues to lag far behind. “It’s yet another example of the importance of equitable access to health care argue Belluz and Frostenson.

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