Democrats celebrated this weekend after claiming their first competitive race since President Donald Trump’s inauguration—a state senate election in Delaware.

Even former Vice President Joe Biden came out of retirement to help Democratic candidate Stephanie Hansen, reports Alex Thompson.

“A 527 non-profit advocacy group,” Thompson writes, “Flippable’s stated goal is to create a nationwide network of progressive activists dedicated to winning down-ballot races.”

While campaign manager Eric Raser-Schramm expressed his gratitude for Biden’s help and the DLCC, he added that a new grassroots organizing group, Flippable, had probably done the most to ensure the victory.

Obama’s two terms in the White House were generally bad for Democrats at the state level, where they now control only 31 of 99 state legislative chambers, Thompson points out.

“Though the party holding the White House historically loses ground elsewhere, no two-term president since World War II has overseen a collapse of nearly 1,000 state legislative seats like Obama did,” says Thompson.

Flippable and its partner Sister District helped bring more than 1,000 volunteers to Hansen’s campaign, which was decided by only 12,000 votes.

The success of new groups such as Flippable may portend a new type of decentralized progressive movement, which could potentially displace the Democratic Party establishment.

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