President Trump’s preliminary “skinny budget” targets numerous federal environmental programs including several popular energy efficiency programs such as the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Program and the Energy Department’s Weatherization Assistance Program, reports Chelsea Harvey.

“Cutting these money-saving programs could be a major loss for consumers, experts have warned — but also for the climate,” notes Harvey.

In fact, a new study suggests that such energy efficiency improvement programs have the potential to greatly reduce our greenhouse gas output. Research published Monday in the journal Nature Energy shows that “green” buildings in just the city of Los Angeles alone are avoiding adding 145,000 metric tons in carbon dioxide equivalents annually.

While the study cannot draw definitive conclusions, says Harvey, about “whether these programs are actually causing, or motivating, the savings the researchers have observed… it does indicate that building owners who make efficiency upgrades and are enrolled in a program— whatever the reason — are contributing to substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.”

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