No one should mistake the climate deniers for being anything other than conspiracy theorists. The majority of Republicans, both conservative and moderate, believe that climate change is not real. To give a comparable analogy would be to believe that grass doesn’t need water and sunlight to grow. That is the level of denial and stupidity that allows Republican after Republican to deny that climate change is something we need to be really concerned about.

The head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, whose job it is to “protect” the environment, and Rep. Lamar Smith, who heads House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, whose job it is to encourage and promote science so we can stay competitive, don’t believe in climate change. Instead, they believe that there is a vast conspiracy by scientists worldwide to propagate these lies. They believe this regardless of the facts.

As Amanda Marcotte points out, “All this suggests why conspiracy theories like climate-change denial are closely tied to authoritarianism.”

“Yes, people of all political stripes can become caught up in conspiracy theories and hoaxes. But authoritarians are particularly prone to denying even obvious facts, because of the nature of their ideology. To the authoritarian, “truth” does not flow from empirical or verifiable reality but instead is determined by those whom the authoritarians deems to be the proper leaders.

Given that Donald Trump is a consummate liar as are the members of his administration, it is no wonder that the United States is becoming more like Russia each and every day.

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