Daily Action just published a poll of over 28,000 of its users and its results surprised quite a few. The poll revealed that 86 percent of the respondents were female, and over 60 percent were over the age of 46. In fact, 16 percent of the women were over 65, reports Ariel Edwards-Levy.

Not surprisingly, 52 percent of women reported joining a women’s march, with 77 percent saying they were “very likely” to protest again in the future.

Daily Action is a service that texts you with suggested political actions every day.

While the poll itself does not necessarily represent a breakdown of activists in general, Daniel Gotoff, the head of Lake Research, told the Huffington Post that he was sure that the company’s poll was an accurate representation of the activists “making the calls and showing up at events.”

“Thirty-eight percent of women polled said that health care was their number one issue, with reproductive rights coming in third,” notes Miller.

According to a recent poll on SurveyMonkey, female liberal Democrats were seven percentage points likelier than their male counterparts to report protesting or demonstrating in the last two months, and in another survey, by The Washington Post in February, Democratic women were 13 percentage points likelier than men to say they planned to get more involved in political causes in 2017, says Ariel Edwards-Levy.

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