The United States is the only industrialized nation in the world that does not to guarantee any paid time off to new parents, which leaves an estimated one-quarter of working mothers returning to work less than two weeks after childbirth, whether they are ready or not, reports Danielle Paquette.

“For years, Democrats have championed a stronger safety net, one that would replace lost wages as life’s expenses surge. Republicans have called such a federal mandate a ‘job killer‘ that would burden businesses,” Paquette points out.

Donald Trump was the first Republican presidential candidate to ever propose a national paid family leave program, through the country’s unemployment insurance system. Ivanka, his daughter, is supposedly the one who will help the administration turn the idea into law.

Meanwhile, Maya Warren is a perfect example of the many working women in this country who cannot live off the wages they earn at their jobs. Warren, 32, is a home health aide for Maxim Healthcare Services who is paid hourly and typically earns $300. Even with overtime, says Paquette, Maya’s annual pay amounts to about $20,000, which means she cannot afford to take any time off work. In fact, Warren needs to take on other jobs to make ends meet.

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