Inspired by the women’s march, law professor, and comedian, Jennifer Taub decided to call for a tax march to highlight Trump’s lack of transparency and demand that he release his taxes.

Her tweet went viral and the world responded and a march was born.

According to the Guardian, Taub is a “law professor at Vermont Law School, whose research and teachings focuses on corruption, corporate political spending and the links between politics and money.” Clearly, she understands the reason why past presidents have released their tax returns and the importance of doing so.

He is the only president who has not released their taxes in recent memory. Given that he is already in office why would he not release them unless he is hiding something? Could it be that he is not as wealthy as he has touted? Could they show that he is in business with the Russians? What could be so awful that he refuses to release them?

His excuse through the campaign was that he was under audit. Even if he were there is no reason why he couldn’t’ have released them. The IRS has no rules about not releasing one’s tax returns.

Polls show that the majority of Americans want him to release his tax returns and now this Sunday they will march in over 30 cities to object to his lack of transparency and his failing to keep his promise that he would release them.

Read more at The Guardian

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