On March 17 the United States launched an attack on Mosul that killed civilians. Estimates differ as to the number of people killed with most concluding that as many as 200 died as a result of the attack. Children were among the victims and entire families were destroyed.

Why in face of the outrage at what the Syrians did has there been so little mentioned about the civilians that we killed? Do we differentiate the importance of children’s lives based on the way they died?

NPR, describes the horrors visited on one little girl,

Hawra’ was thrown through a window. She landed in the neighbors’ yard, bleeding and badly burned with shards of glass in her eyes. Her plastic boot had melted into her leg. She still can’t open her eyes and will need another operation to be able to see again.

Her mother was killed in the strike.

Trump was outraged at the horror he saw in the video of children being washed down after suffering the effects of sarin gas. We all were outraged and saddened, but why do these children matter more than the ones in Mosul? Why does the international outcry focus on one atrocity and not another?

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