The chicken industry gets it and is on its way to becoming antibiotic-free. It is expected that almost half of all chickens sold will no longer be raised with antibiotics. The pork industry, however, is not getting the message that the majority of consumers don’t want antibiotics in their food. Not just because they don’t want to ingest them, they understand that their overuse has created the “superbug.”

According to Mother Jones,

Antibiotic use in agriculture increased by 22 percent from 2009 to 2014. The rampant overuse on farms means that bacteria adapt, become resistant, and can breed superbugs that pose a global threat to human health.

The pork industry has suggested that because they stop feeding the pigs antibiotics prior to slaughter that there isn’t a problem. What they are not understanding, and some would say deliberately so, that the use of antibiotics at all is the problem.

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