U.S Women’s Hockey had a great day on March 30th as the players agreed on a new contract that would support and encourage the growth of the sport. It was also the day that one of the top college programs in the country was shut down. The University of North Dakota women’s hockey team was ranked 6th in the NCAA, but that didn’t matter to UND President Kennedy who said, ” Women’s Hockey is a boutique sport and should never have been at UND.”

He cut the program leaving the women who were on the team with little chance of finding a new school in time for the coming season. According to ThinkProgress,

Now, because the decision was made so late in the spring, it’s going to be difficult for UND women’s hockey players to find roster spots on other Division I teams, which could mean the end of hockey dreams for many of the women. This decision blindsided everyone in the program, including a recruit who was on campus touring the facilities at the time the news broke, and Coach Idalski.

His dismissal of it as a “boutique” sport wreaks of sexism and has left many disgusted. It is just yet another example of how far women have to go to get the respect they deserve.

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