There is actually a phrase for it when you don’t take the medicine that a doctor has given you – nonadherence to prescribed medications. And whatever the reason that you aren’t taking what you have been prescribed in some cases you could be putting your life at risk. Studies have shown that some people with serious conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure or kidney problems just stop taking their medication if they feel better, don’t like taking medication or believe that because they put themselves on a healthy regime that it counters the fact that they have stopped taking the prescription.

According to The New York Times:

‘When people don’t take the medications prescribed for them, emergency department visits and hospitalizations increase and more people die,’ said Bruce Bender, co-director of the Center for Health Promotion at National Jewish Health in Denver. ‘Nonadherence is a huge problem, and there’s no one solution because there are many different reasons why it happens.’

Take your pills and listen to your doctor. Get a second opinion if you have questions. But respect that they have gone to school for years to learn their profession. The internet is not a substitute.

Read more at The New York Times


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