A celebratory memorial was held deep in the woods of Hampstead Heath outside London in honor of pop icon George Michael who died last December, reports Bex Wade. Hundreds of LGBTQ and straight folk gathered to pay proper homage to the queer music icon in “the cruising grounds so dear to his hear,” says Wade.

“His single ‘Outside’ is a reminder that we can respond to oppression, homophobia and fear with sass, wit and on our own terms,” said activist Dan Glass, who organized London’s first LGBT tour of London.

In 1998, Michael was outed by the press when he was arrested for engaging in a “lewd act” at a public toilet in California. “Outside,” which sampled radio reports of his arrest was his way of pushing back. “Gay people in the media are doing what makes straight people comfortable, and automatically my response to that is to say I’m a dirty filthy fucker and if you can’t deal with it, you can’t deal with it,” he told the Guardian in 2005.

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