Immigrant women and their families have suffered since Trump took office. Many live in fear of being deported even though they are not criminals. Children live in fear of losing the one parent that they still have. Raids and over zealous US Customs officials are breaking laws in an attempt to round up people to deport them.

But it isn’t just the fear of deportation, it is a generalized fear that leads many women to not seek help when they need it, whether it is for health issues or legal issues.

According to Rewire News,

There are approximately 5 million undocumented women living in the United States: mothers, daughters, sisters, workers, organizers, members of the LGBTQ community, and survivors of gender-based violence. The current administration’s policies have made them fear for their safety and a target for deportation, said Amanda Baran, co-author of the report and a policy consultant for We Belong Together.

We Belong Together is part of the National Domestic Workers Alliance and advocates for sensible immigration policies that support women and families, working to try to keep them safe and together.

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