For any woman who is a victim of domestic violence, life is a living hell.  The shame of being beaten by someone you love is overwhelming.  Getting out feels impossible.  Some women don’t get out and lose their lives at the hands of their husband or boyfriend. Others find a way and are able to move on and rebuild their lives.  All of that gets harder when one is involved with a celebrity.

Patricia Driscoll was Kurt Busch’s girlfriend.  He is an elite NASCAR driver who is known for his temper. And just as most of the stories start out, he was charming when they first met. Generous, loving, a prince.  But according to Driscoll, as time went on she saw a different side of him.  He drank a lot and started to abuse her.  When he allegedly strangled her one night, she had enough and left.

She eventually reported it and asked for a restraining order which she was granted.  Driscoll was terrorized by fans and accused by Busch’s team of being a CIA assassin.  Much of her life has been ruined by the consequences of reporting her abuse. In an interview with ThinkProgress she expressed her regret:

“I don’t care how many people I inspired by not staying quiet, I should have,” she said through sobs last summer. “The law is not here to protect victims. At all.”

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