It seems that the Russians have been busy again trying to throw an election.  Emmanuel Macron’s “En March” account was hacked and thousands of emails and documents were released on the eve of the election.

But French officials were quick to warn the media, unlike here, that any dissemination of the hacked information would be prosecuted.  According to The Guardian, the election commission in France issued a warning:

“This attack has resulted in the publication of a number of important documents presented as having come from the information system of the candidate and the message accounts of certain of their campaign officials on certain social networks,” it wrote after the meeting on Saturday. “The commission stresses that the dissemination or republication of such information, fraudulently obtained and which may, in all likelihood, have been mixed with false information, is liable to be classified as criminal in several respects for which its authors will be held responsible.”

The French didn’t need to be reminded of the disaster that happened to the United States when Russia influenced our election.

Read more at The Guardian

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