If you were paying attention to the presidential candidate who said that ‘climate change was a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese government, you won’t be surprised by what happened today. Trump chose as the Secretary of the Environmental Protection Agency a known climate change denier. Today, Scott Pruitt let go of half of the advisors to the agency’s scientific advisory committees, and, according to The Washington Post, Trump’s other pick for Department of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, has suspended 200 advisory boards.

The purpose of these panels is to provide expert advice and data to the agencies so they can make informed decisions as to how to manage the issues that impact our environment and our lands. Neither man is qualified or has any expertise in the area for which they were chosen to lead, which is a common theme for most of Trump’s cabinet choices. These moves are purportedly part of a so-called process aimed at “restoring” confidence in the agencies.

Many have found this an incredible explanation.

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