Emmanuel Macron won the French Presidential election yesterday, defeating Marine Le Pen in a resounding victory. It wasn’t just a huge win for Macron who won an estimated 65% of the vote; it was also a big win for the European Union. Had Le Pen won it would have likely meant the end of the EU as she would have paved the way for France to leave.

Macron won despite Russia’s attempt to influence the election by hacking into En March’s network and dumping thousands of emails on the internet. He also won against a candidate who aligned herself with Donald Trump.

The French learned our lesson and elected a man whose victory speech sounded much different than our current president’s,

I know where we do not agree, I will respect these differences in opinion, but I will be loyal to the commitments I have taken will defend the Republic..I will serve you in a way that is loyal to the trust that you have placed in me and I will serve you with love.

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