Last week, Lucie Myslíková, a 16-year-old girl scout who was photographed confronting a far-right extremist at a protest in Brno, Czech Republic, became an internet heroine overnight, reports Marie Solis.

The Czech Interior Ministry has since announced that police are taking the necessary steps to ensure her safety after this photo of her confronting a neo-Nazi went viral.

“But while Myslíková received mostly positive attention for her show of bravery and resistance, the teen has since been placed under police protection after facing a barrage of threats from the opposition,” says Solis.

Myslíková told the Washington Post that the demonstrator warned her that, “Those refugees will rape you,” adding, “Maybe you’re not scared, but I’m afraid for my daughter, that they will rape her.” She simply answered, “They’re fleeing a war. This is about life.”

Myslíková also insisted that the girl scouts had gone to the rally to peacefully stand in opposition to the far-right group’s hateful message, armed only with guitars, drums and their songs.

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