Elon Musk prides himself on having a desk in the worst place in his factory. He talks about sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag as if to prove that he too suffers from the hard work required to make Tesla successful.

Tesla is the car of the future being made in a “factory of the future”. Robots abound and the official pictures of the factory feature cars and robots, not people. The Tesla is a beautiful machine that has taken electric cars to a new level. It will likely be one of the first cars sold that will be fully automated. But it has a problem.

But it has a problem.

Employees are complaining about how they are treated. Hundreds have been injured on the job and others tell a story of a work pace that is inhuman. According to The Guardian,

Tesla’s manufacturing practices appear to have been most dangerous in its earliest years of operations. The company does not dispute that its recordable incident rate (TRIR), an official measure of injuries and illnesses that is reported to workplace safety regulators, was above the industry average between 2013 and 2016.

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