The majority of full-time freelancers, 53%, are women, according to a recent study, with many making the choice in order to avoid the “trifecta of workplace discrimination:” unequal pay, sexual harassment, and sexist treatment, writes Brittany Stalsburg.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long to learn that the freelance industry is no safe haven from discrimination.

As in other industries, many assume that if women aren’t making as much as men, it must be their due to their own lack of assertiveness, but that’s not only hogwash, it’s harmful.

Women are often punished for asking for more, or even asking for any compensation at all.

“In the world of freelance writing, where negotiating pay is a constant, the pressure to ‘lean in’ and demand more is particularly pronounced,” notes Stalsburg.

And as in any industry, problems with inequity start at the top. In publishing, in particular, men often occupy the top positions of power while women tend to dominate lower-ranking positions. And while making more women editors-in-chiefs will not necessarily solve the sexism problem, Stalsburg notes, it will certainly help, if those women value fairness and equality and are willing to implement policies that reflect those values.
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