Does fighting a journalist hurt your career? Not if you’re a politician like Montana’s newest congressman, Greg Gianforte. One day prior to the special election, Gianforte grabbed reporter Ben Jacobs by the neck and slammed him into the ground, then began punching him. Fox News filmed the assault and reported the unprovoked attack.

“Across Trump’s America, quotidian incidents are up as thugs feel more emboldened every day by their leaders, like the head-bashing Republican businessman whom voters in Montana just rewarded with a House seat, says Burleigh.

As attacks on journalists become more common, the era of trickle-down political lawlessness is “well underway for all Americans,” argues Nina Burleigh, as have hate crimes in metropolitan areas, inspired by men like Steve Bannon and Donald Trump.

A couple weeks ago, at Yankee Stadium, a thug in a Trump hat cold-cocked and bloodied a friend of mine who had called him out for swearing in front of his children. Before attacking, the aggressor said, “I bet you voted for Hillary.”

These violent and hateful incidents result directly from the tone set by our president and the band of thugs that now inhabit the White House. Putin must be very proud of his protegé.

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