Let’s all remember that Kathy Griffin is a comedian. Any good comedian pushes the envelope and makes us laugh as we think. In my opinion, her taking a photo of a mock decapitated Trump was in poor taste, and not particularly funny, but it should have been a one news cycle story. It wasn’t.

Today she held a news conference with noted attorney Lisa Bloom and accused Trump of bullying her.

“What’s happening to me has never happened in this great country. A sitting president of the U.S. … is personally trying to ruin my life forever.”

I am sure he is trying to use his power to ruin her life, that’s his style and always has been. He is not President Obama who endured seeing himself lynched time after time again in effigy and stayed silent. He too has children, but he was smart and big enough not to engage. Trump is neither.

Griffin shouldn’t be surprised and should have been smarter, but having said that she does not deserve to be fired or ruined for a mistake that she immediately apologized for. The GOP and Trump asked us to forgive him for grabbing women’s pussies. Trump lied about President Obama’s birthplace, he hosted Ted Nugent in the White House who called for Hillary Clinton’s hanging. The absurdity of the false equivalency shouldn’t be lost on any of us.

What Griffin did doesn’t remotely reach the level of poor taste and crudeness that Trump has shown to women and to many others.

-Jan Harrison


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  1. Well said Jan. I’m not a fan , but she’s a comedian! She apologized, yes poor taste . The photographer is known for over the top weird photos . Trump and some republicans in leadership roles said and did far worse ! A comedian verses a president, hmmm. Did you see the photo of Eric Trump with the animal trophies he holds up for photos?

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