This week Seattle became the eighth city to put a tax on soda. What was once a hard-won fight for Mayor Bloomberg has become an easier sell, even in conservative areas due to the benefits not only to public health but to the coffers of city governments that are in desperate need of revenue.

Why a soda tax? Well, the idea behind it is that soda is loaded with sugar and has no other nutritional benefits. Kids drink it without even realizing how bad it is or how it contributes to their girth. With an ever-increasing obesity epidemic, it has proven to be boon not only for local governments but an effective measure to educate and impact public health.

“Cities have figured out that soda taxes do great things,” Marion Nestle, a New York University professor who wrote the book Soda Politics, told Vox.

‘They discourage consumption of sugary drinks, and they raise revenues for health promotion programs. I’m not surprised that so many cities are considering them — they can all use the money — and everyone would be healthier keeping sugary drinks to a minimum.’

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