It’s not hard to determine which products are geared towards women or men during a shop at the drugstore. Products for women are typically bright and colorful, in rounded bottles with soft lettering while products for men are dark and edgy. Women also have an enormous variety of scents to chose from, fragrances like blackberry, vanilla, and dragonfruit, reports Edie Calie.

But what kinds of fragrances can men look forward to?

“Hygiene products for women smell like blackberries, vanilla, or lemongrass. Products for men, on the other hand? They smell like ‘MEN,'” product experts told Calie.

The so-called “stronger sex” apparently must content themselves with the smell of… “MEN,” which typically appears in capital letters on most products for men.

“The fragrance can’t be too flowery, sweet, or obtrusive,” a representative from Men’s Health POWER, a line of body products designed by the men’s interest magazine, explained to Calie, adding that “freshness” plays a big role and that substances like menthol make a fragrance more “masculine”.

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