On Wednesday night, the grassroots advocacy group Rise and Resist will begin a 24-hour vigil to protest the Senate’s secret Republican health care bill at New York City’s Columbus Circle.

“Two of those hours — from 10 pm to midnight on Wednesday — will be devoted to “prayer and testimony” from faith leaders and congregation from a variety of faith traditions,” says Burton.

While most media coverage has focused on the opposition of religious groups to elements of the Affordable Care Act, notes Tara Isabella Burton, including companies like the Christian-owned Hobby Lobby and organizations like the Roman Catholic religious order Little Sisters of the Poor, many representatives of faith communities are strong supporters of the ACA and against any political program that would overburden members of their congregations.

Rev. Elaine Ellis Thomas, associate rector of St. Paul’s Memorial Episcopal Church in Charlottesville, Virginia, told Vox: “Caring for basic needs such as health is a gospel imperative.”

Many religious communities are aware that they will also face a much greater demand for financial help from vulnerable members after Obamacare’s repeal.

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