House and Senate Republicans would like to slash funding for Medicaid in order to give massive tax cuts to the rich. This is not hyperbole, just a simple fact made evident by the only version of the GOP health care bill that the public has seen—the American Health Care Act that failed to pass in the House earlier this year. Right now, that bill is polling at about 17 percent.

“The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the House bill would cut $834 billion and 17 percent of enrollees from the program over a decade. The Senate GOP is keeping its bill secret… but word around the Capitol is it would make it even harder for low-income and disabled Americans to get the lifesaving care they need,” says Cauterucci.

Meanwhile, Senate Republicans, under Mitch McConnell’s leadership, are keeping their version secret from the public and from many members of their own party, if Republican senators such as Mike Lee and John McCain are to be believed.

Overall, both versions are bound to cause disproportionate harm to women, since they live longer and “comprise 69 percent of the 9 million Americans who qualify for both Medicaid and Medicare,” argues Christina Cauterucci.

“The New York Times editorial board argued last week that “a system of caregiving that is already clearly strained would implode” if the GOP’s proposed Medicaid cuts go through,” Cauterucci notes.

But that is only the beginning of the disastrous effects for women. Women are also far more likely than men to become their parents caregivers, and without Medicaid, the next generation of women will find it much harder to provide for themselves while supporting older family members.

Daughters already shoulder 31 percent of all informal, unpaid elder care in the US.

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