For some strange reason, a lot of representatives, particularly Republicans, have stopped answering their phones and let their voicemail clog up with unanswered messages. But don’t just sit by and let the ruling party completely destroy American democracy as we once knew it. Fax them, insists Jess Zimmerman, relentlessly using this free service.

“Frustrated constituents have been reduced to crowdfunding to buy their senator’s attention, and even in one case sending a Suspicious Pizza. But free service FaxZero is also offering an easy way to get in touch with the Senate and the House,” says Zimmerman.

In fact, FaxZero lets you send up to five faxes to every one of your representatives, every day. Need some suggestions? Zimmerman has a quite a few, or share your own thoughts on the massive tax break for the wealthy that the GOP is trying to pass off as to the public as a health care bill.

To: Sen. Ted Cruz, 512–916–5839
Hi Ted! So if everything Trump says must be obeyed without question, does that mean your dad really DID kill JFK?

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