They were just children. Often away from home and dependent on the adults who were sworn to look after them. Parents relied on their integrity and USA Gymnastics to keep them safe.  They didn’t. Instead, they were sexually abused by coaches, doctors and others who were in charge of their welfare.  A new report commissioned by USA Gymnastics gives a scathing account of an organization preoccupied with winning.

According to ThinkProgress:

“…the Daniels Report, which was commissioned by USA Gymnastics in late 2016 and authored by former federal prosecutor Deborah J. Daniels, makes it clear that this not the work of a lone wolf. Rather, this scandal is the result of a system that failed, on almost every conceivable level, to protect its athletes — predominantly young, impressionable girls in a sport that is built on trust.”

One would think that those who were at the helm of USA Gymnastics would resign in shame over their lack of oversight. President Steve Penny finally resigned with $1 million in hand, but the Chairman of the Board, Paul Parilla, is remaining and has no intention of stepping down.

It is a disgrace.

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