In an attempt to somehow present climate change “objectively” much of the mainstream media will share the opinion of those who “believe” in it and those who don’t. Climate change is not a religion and man’s impact on our planet in undeniable. It is not a belief that one can choose not to believe. It is science.

Yet, despite the 98% of the world’s scientists stipulating to man’s impact on the environment, the media insists on providing the opinions of people that have no scientific background.

It is as if one would present conception as only happening when a woman consents and not if she is raped aka Todd Akin and the media presenting that as a worthy opinion. It is not.

As Mother Jones points out, “skeptics have long sought to validate their views by injecting them into respectable media outlets. And they’ve frequently been successful.”

To present unscientific or disproven theories as equivalent to proven science is not what the media should be doing. It is their job to report the facts and the truth. To deliberately bring in people who aren’t qualified to speak just to stir controversy for the sake of ratings is to be a part of the problem of “fake news”.

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