Many “climate change deniers” believe that the earth’s warming is as a result of a perfectly natural process and that man’s behavior has had little to no impact on our climate. A new study published this week took a look at how different areas of the planet warm at different rates and how that impacts the historical models as well as the more recent attempts to predict global warming.

According to The Washington Post,

The new study helps reconcile the models with the historical record. It suggests global warming occurs in different phases or “modes” throughout the planet, some of which happen more quickly than others. Certain slow-developing climate processes could amplify warming to a greater extent in the future, putting the models in the right after all. But these processes take time, even up to several hundred years, to really take effect — and because not enough time has passed since the Industrial Revolution for their signal to really develop, the historical record is what’s actually misleading at the moment.

The key takeaway from the study is that the models predicting global warming are on track.

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