Lucinda Chambers worked for British Vogue for 36 years.  On April 10th of this year, Edward Enninful became the new Editor in Chief. Shortly thereafter Chambers was unceremoniously fired.  A month and a half later she sat down with  Anja Aronowsky Cronberg publisher and editor of an online fashion magazine Vestoj,  and the fashion world erupted.

Chambers made no bones about being fired and the status and state of the fashion world The initial version of the interview was taken down as lawyers for Conde Nast and Enninful reached out threatening to sue. Vestoj republished the interview with the requested omissions but not before the original made its way to social media.

Lizzie Croker contends that though the powers that be succeeded in squashing the more salacious parts of the interview,

…that small victory proved Chambers’ point: not just that there’s “too much smoke and mirrors in the industry” (her reason for speaking candidly about being “fired,” which people in fashion media tend not to do lest it prevent them from being hired elsewhere) or that the cutthroat world of fashion “can chew you up and spit you out,” but that the biggest, most powerful players control everything to an extent that hampers authenticity.

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