Ivanka would like you to believe that she is an advocate for women. She is not. She would also like you to believe that she manufacturers her clothing in the United States. She does not. She most assuredly would like you to think that she has a good heart. She does not. And finally, she would like you to believe that she is not profiting from being this president’s daughter. While some may be fooled, there are millions of us who know better.

Let’s start with the fact that her clothing and shoe lines are made overseas. Her shoes are made in factories in China that have been accused of brutal treatment of workers. Allegations include physical and verbal abuse, impossible production schedules and poor pay.

According to the Nation:

Investigators reported that ‘Management frequently verbally abused’ workers with degrading epithets, and misogynistic insults against women workers, ‘and sometimes physically hit workers.’


The Independent quoted one worker’s recollection of seeing a manager bludgeon a coworker with a high-heeled shoe, leaving him streaming blood as he retreated to the on-site nurse in plain view of coworkers.

Neither Ivanka nor her company have issued any kind of statement regarding the findings of the US-based group called China Labor Watch. They have also remained silent as some of the people working for CLW have been arrested and detained. A letter written to Ivanka Trump by the wife of one of the men detained went unanswered.

The arrest of people from the CLW is thought by many as a chess move in the relationship between the Chinese government and President Trump. This is one of the reasons why presidents and anyone working for the government in a high-level position divests themselves of any assets that could allow a foreign government to compromise them.

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