Are women really inferior to men in all those ways science has always told us? You know, women are weaker, more monogamous, less inclined to take risks, bad at math, etc. — the list of tropes masquerading as ‘science’ is almost endless.

Angela Saini’s stunning new book Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong and the new research that’s rewriting the story, chronicles the scientific justifications about gender differences and “exposes the bad science, shoddy studies, and prejudiced research that has long fed these stereotypes,” says Kavitha Rao in her review.

“We always think of science as neutral. But the fact is that science is often full of prejudice, because scientists are so often full of prejudice,” writes Saini.

New research, Saini points out, suggests that “tiny differences between the sexes” have often been blown out of proportion in order “to keep women in their place.”

The media, marketing and popular culture have always relied on these differences and helped to reinforce them.

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