A front group for petrochemical billionaires Charles and David Koch has launched a series of attack videos focused on electric vehicles, reports Samantha Page, just as transportation becomes the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, overtaking the electricity sector.

“Last month, Fueling U.S. Forward put out a heart-wrenching video about how batteries use cobalt mined by children. This week, they put out another video, claiming that taxpayers are subsidizing rich white men (yes, this is an ad from the Koch brothers) to buy Teslas,” says Page.

Let’s be clear. Children are not being exploited because of electric vehicles. They are being exploited by a global economic system that targets the poor and the vulnerable. And electric cars, as one ad suggests, are NOT “more toxic to humans than average cars.”

But this group seems to project the oil industry’s own excesses onto its antagonists. Take the ad about how rich, white guys buying Teslas get thousands of dollars in subsidies to switch to their electric cars. “The oil industry, notes Page, receives an estimated $4 billion in subsidies every year.”

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